WISE Testimonials


“The WISE program was a fantastic learning experience. It gave me the opportunity to develop my study and time management skills, while building my confidence in my academic ability. I would recommend it for any senior student who’s looking for the chance to experience learning in a university setting.”

- Sarah Arnold


“The WISE program allowed me to pursue an interest not available in high school. I was able to learn at an engaging pace, discover & explore a new field of study, and learn about the university experience. Being able to immerse myself in a subject that I love was truly incredible, and the highlight of my school year. And of course, there’s no better preparation for university courses or exams than being in them yourself.”

- Daniel Vorotyntsev


"I took a course through the WISE program in my grade twelve year. It was an amazing experience. Thanks to WISE, I feel very prepared as I enter into full time university in the fall. I was able to learn so much in my class and also just about university in general (everything from student cards to email accounts!) The WISE team continually reached out to me to make sure I could succeed. I definitely recommend the WISE program to anyone interested in exploring university studies."

- Anonymous