Western Student Research Conference

The Western Student Research Conference (WSRC) stands as the flagship university-wide undergraduate research conference at Western University. This event, organized by students for students, holds a prestigious affiliation with Student Experience and garners substantial support and engagement from a distinguished array of faculties, including Arts and Humanities, Ivey School of Business, Engineering, Health Sciences, Information and Media Studies, Music, Science, and Social Science.

Participants are meticulously chosen based on the excellence of their research, their capacity to effectively communicate the impact and significance of their work to a diverse audience, and their ability to present innovative approaches within their respective subject areas. During the conference, presenters will engage in a spirited competition vying for the top three overall prizes, as adjudicated by the panel of judges.

Attending the WSRC is an unparalleled opportunity to gain insight into the exceptional talent thriving at Western University. Attendees are granted the unique privilege of immersing themselves in a broad spectrum of academic research, forging connections with both emerging and well-established researchers who stand at the forefront of their respective fields, and acquiring valuable insights on expanding their existing skill sets to access research opportunities both within Western University and beyond.

We are pleased to announce that the WSRC for the year 2024 will be held on March 9, offering an unparalleled platform for the exchange of knowledge, networking, and professional development. If you are an undergraduate student currently engaged in a research project, we strongly encourage you to check our main website using the link provided below. For any inquiries or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us via email at westernsrc@gmail.com.


For more information and access to our main website, please visit https://www.westernsrc.com/