New Students

We have a variety of programs and services to enhance your first year experience at Western University. From Summer Academic Orientation to peer mentoring programs and services for off-campus students we offer something for everyone! Please don't hesitate to connect and find the service and program to help make your transition to university a smooth and successful one. 

Mentorship Programs Overview

Are you a first or second year student looking for academic and social transition support? Whether you are an off-campus student, mature student, a Scholars Elective student, a student-athlete, a student registered with Accessible Education, or simply a student wanting extra support from an upper year student in your faculty, there is a mentorship program for you!

See below or email to ask which program might be the right fit for you.

Academic Success Program (ASP): First Year Mentorship

The Academic Success Program: First-Year Mentorship is an academic mentorship program designed to connect incoming first-year students with upper-year mentors in their faculty. ASP Mentors will support their mentees:

  • Facilitate the formation of friendships between new students in common courses;
  • Answer questions about on campus resources and support wayfinding, and;
  • Coach new students as they develop the academic skills and strategies they need to thrive throughout the term and beyond.

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Academic Success Program (ASP): Sport

Student Athletes can access support programming and services specifically for their unique community. First-year student athletes can participate in the Student Athlete Mentorship Program (SAMP), where they'll be paired with an upper-year varsity student athlete trained in academic support services and transitional challenges that first-year student athletes might face.

ASP: Sport Study Hub is a space staffed by trained upper year students (learning peers) to help with course specific and learning transition questions that offers a quiet place for studying on campus for student athletes.

The ASP: Sport program offers both transitional and ongoing academic support for all student athletes at Western, including workshops, academic coaching sessions and much more.

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International Peer Guide Program

The International Peer Guide program matches new international students (undergraduate, graduate and exchange) with an upper-year Western student who will connect you to the Western community, answer questions, and provide support for your transition. Peer Guides assist by:

  • Helping you navigate Western, London and Canada.
  • Answering questions about Canadian culture and customs.
  • Connecting you to Western and London activities, services and resources.
  • Organizing one-on-one meetings and small group events so that you can start to building connections and friendships.
  • Contacting you regularly to check-in and get to know you – online or in person!

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Leadership & Academic Mentorship Program (LAMP)

LAMP is a university-run group lead by upper year students, designed to help you make connections with other students, have a student mentor, learn about the services at Western, and build lasting friendships. LAMP mentors are high caliber student leaders representing all faculties who are carefully selected and extensively trained. For all LAMP Leaders, they have personal experience and are sensitive to the challenges faced by students.

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Out-of-Province Students Association (OPSA)

The Out-of-Province Students Association provides a unique mentorship program for incoming first year students to connect with an upper year students from the same province (and often times from the same city and program as well).

Initial connection takes place in the summer prior to arrival at Western in September, and guidance and support is maintained throughout the year. The mentor can support the first year student in timetabling and registration (as often times out of province students cannot travel to Western during Summer Academic Orientation), and this program provides an avenue that first years can direct questions/concerns. For a first year student this is a comfort of a first friend at Western as they embark on their journey, and for the upper year student it provides beneficial leadership experience.

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Scholar's Electives Connectors Program

The Scholar's Electives Connectors Program connects first year Scholar's Electives (SE) students with upper year SE students. The upper year students (connectors) will provide first year students (connectees) with support through academic, extracurricular, and social transitions to university.

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Society of Mature Students (SMS)

Do you consider yourself to be an "adult learner", "lifelong learner" or "mature student"? Do you have some life experience before coming to Western? Regardless of how you were admitted to Western--mature, college, or university transfer student--if you identify with being a "mature student", you are welcome to join SMS, our Community for "Mature" Students.

Interested in being connected with an upper year Mature Student from your faculty? Send us an email at to request a mentor. The program allows you not only to connect with peers from your faculty but we run events and programming throughout the year to ease your transition.

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Society of Off-Campus Students (SOCS)

The Society of Off-Campus Students is a university-run group led by upper year students, designed to help you make connections with other first-year students, have a student mentor, learn about the services at Western, and build lasting friendships.

SOCS Leaders/OC Sophs are high calibre student leaders representing all faculties who are carefully selected and extensively trained. For all SOCS Leaders, the first-year experience is still a fresh memory, and they are sensitive to the challenges faced by first-year students.

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