Learn to Lead Program

Learn to Lead is a free program that provides Western undergraduate students with an opportunity to gain a wealth of knowledge that will help them become truly effective leaders. 

Learn to Lead is a run out of Western University’s Student Experience, and is supported by our Transition, Leadership & Enrichment team. The goal of this program is to equip students by helping them:

• Develop skills for success beyond graduation
• Develop an awareness of self and build upon strengths
• Access professional development opportunities
• Develop core competencies (adaptable problem-solver, community builder, global learner, critical thinker, future
focused planner)
• Develop skills to be an innovative leader

Learn to Lead’s curriculum consists of 10 workshops offered four times per year at “Summit” conferences.
These conferences will take place twice per semester (September, November, January, and March). Stay tuned for conference dates and times. You will receive an email notification when registration is open, and the information
will also be posted here.


The Learn to Lead Summit is a leadership conference that will allow you to build & develop fantastic leadership skills, while enhancing your resume! You can stay for the entire conference, or just for a few sessions.

This is an opportunity to build your very own adventure by selecting workshops of interest (out of 10 offered on the date) to attend.

You must register in order to attend the Learn to Lead Summit, which can be done via Western Connect.

Date: Friday October 1st 11:30am to 4:30pm

Note: This year Learn to Lead will be facilitated entirely online. Conferences will take place via Zoom and require registration at least 24 hours ahead of time. To browse upcoming conference schedules
and register for workshops:

How to Register:
1.  Log-in to connect.uwo.ca
2.  Click on Learn to Lead Tab
3.  Register for your workshop of choice


This year, Learn to Lead will feature the following workshops:

Building a Dream Team

Have you ever been part of a team that just clicked? Maybe you thought it "just happened" that way. The right combination of people. But what if there was a way to turn that magic into more than just chance? What if you could rig the odds in your favour? Join us to explore what makes effective teams and what the academic literature says about predicting stages of group development. We hope you'll leave this session with some strategies to help your teams make the jump to the next level.

Career Design

This workshop will provide you with practical tools for making a successful transition from university to the workplace. You will be introduced to designer mindsets and the design thinking process and shown how you can use these to build the career you want.

Leadership and Entrepreneurship

Something that many entrepreneurial leaders have in common is their ability to innovate.
But once you come up with an innovative idea how do you know if it’s worth pursuing? In this workshop,
we’ll cover some tools you can use to flesh out your innovative entrepreneurial idea including aspects of design thinking and the Business Model Canvas. If you are curious about pursuing an entrepreneurial venture or have some innovative ideas percolating in your head, this is the workshop for you!

Getting Involved on Campus

Gaining experience outside of the classroom can help you to develop the skills and confidence to lead.
This Learn to Lead workshop will explore opportunities to learn about your values, skills, and potential career paths by getting involved on campus. We’ll also talk about the ways that goal setting and reflection can contribute to leadership development and help you get the most out of your experiences.

Healthy Habits for Leaders

Effective leaders know self-care and personal wellness are important tools to achieving individual and team goals! Time management, being assertive, recognizing and managing stress, and staying motivated are all personal development skills explored in this workshop. Participants will learn about the sources of stress, strategies and methods to ensure their own needs are met while being a productive and supportive member of any team.

Managing Conflict Collaboratively

Learning how to effectively managing conflict can lead to less stress. This Learn to Lead workshop will help you to understand collaborative methods for resolving conflict and solving interest-based problems as well as identify which strategies are appropriate in various situations.

Presenting with Impact

Leaders often find themselves standing up and speaking on a moment’s notice. It takes a lot of composure, some quick thinking, and a good dose of confidence to speak in an impromptu setting AND say something intelligent.
In this workshop, you will learn and practice frameworks for organizing what you say and how you say it.
You will also practice and learn techniques for controlling your nervousness so you can
give presentations with confidence.

Strengths-Based Leadership

Developing your own personal leadership style means leveraging your natural talents and successes.
This workshop will introduce you to a strength-based approach to uncovering your talents, and how you
can begin to apply them intentionally and successfully to meet your personal and academic goals.

Talking to People

Communicating with others is a crucial skill in leadership development. This workshop will highlight how to begin, maintain and leave a conversation. We'll explore talking to people in work settings, personal settings
and in professional situations.

Practicing Equity Everyday

Practicing equity on a daily basis requires an on-going decision to unlearn internalized biases and discrimination to disrupt systems and practices which we have normalized. The goal of this session is to give you tools for your toolkit as an ally and leader.

Workshops will each be 50 minutes in length, facilitated by Western faculty and staff. Each session will include a balance of theory and application, as well as engaging case examples and activities.

Leadership Certificates

Learn to Lead is a two-tiered certificate program. When students complete four workshops, they earn the Learn to Lead Leadership Certificate. When they complete 8 workshops, they earn the Learn to Lead Advanced Leadership Certificate. These certificates are formally recognized on Western’s Co-Curricular Record.

Learn to Lead - The Podcast

This podcast will feature interviews with Western staff as they share how they lead, what they’ve learned and what they recommend for your journeys toward becoming better leaders. Check out Thrive Online for updates on new episodes.

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Contact Us

If you have questions about the program, or would like to learn more please don’t hesitate to contact us at learntolead@uwo.ca