Leadership Education Program

The Leadership Education Program (LEP) is a free program that provides Western undergraduate students with an opportunity to gain a wealth of knowledge that will help them become truly effective leaders. LEP is a series of workshops that cover three subjects: Individual Leadership, Group Leadership, and Community Leadership. 

LEP is delivered in workshops divided into three tiers:

Tier 1: Individual Leadership

Tier 1 focuses on skills the individual needs to be an effective leader with workshops on: communication, public speaking, self- management, campus involvement, etc. Learn more.

Tier 2: Group Leadership

Tier 2 focuses on the skills a leader needs to effectively facilitate group processes with workshops on team building, facilitation, conflict management, etc. Learn more.

Tier 3: Community Leadership

Tier 3 is a service-learning placement in an organization of the student’s choice, and is built upon the foundation of the earlier tiers while collaborating with teams and making an impact in the London community. Learn more.

Students receive a Letter of Accomplishment signed by the Associate-Vice President of Student Experience upon completion of at least five workshops from each tier.

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Workshops are two hours in length, and can be taken at any point during your undergraduate studies at Western University. Scheduling of the workshops is designed to be flexible so that students can pick topics based on interest, however some workshops require a prerequisite so students are encouraged to select carefully.

In order to complete Tier 1 it is mandatory that participants complete the What is Leadership? Workshop, in addition to any four other tier 1 workshops (for five workshops total).

In order to complete Tier 2, it is mandatory to complete the LEP Capstone Workshop, in addition to four other workshops in tier 2 (for five workshops total).  

Your record of workshop completion will span your entire undergraduate career, and many students complete tiers over two or three years. The workshops seek to develop students through eight core values:

  1. Consciousness of Self (individual)
  2. Congruence (individual)
  3. Commitment (individual)
  4. Collaboration (group)
  5. Common Purpose (group)
  6. Controversy with Civility (group)
  7. Citizenship (community/society)


Each workshop will be offered in each of the fall and winter terms. Letters of Accomplishment are issued via Western Connect. If you have completed 5 workshops in a Tier, please complete the Letter of Accomplishment request form on Western Connect.


Letters of Accomplishment

The University recognizes that strong student leaders benefit the Western community now, and have the potential to make a positive impact on the community at large. Through a tiered training program, which is free of charge, students will participate in an engaging learning experience.

In order to receive a Letter of Accomplishment for Tier 1, participants must complete five workshops from that tier. One of those five must include the What is Leadership workshop.

In order to receive a Letter of Accomplishment for Tier 2, participants must complete five workshops from that tier. One of those five must include the LEP Capstone. The capstone workshop can only be completed after tier one has been completed as well as four workshops from tier two.

LEP Summit

The LEP Summit is a leadership conference that will allow you to build & develop fantastic leadership skills, while enhancing your resume! You can stay for the entire conference, or just for a few sessions.

This is an opportunity to build your very own adventure by selecting 4 workshops of interest (out of over 15+ offered on the date) to attend and complete in a day!

You must register in order to attend the LEP Summit, which can be done via Western Connect.

Date: Sunday, March 8th, 2020
Time: Meet in the Social Science Centre, Classroom 2050 between 9:30-9:45am for sign-ins & refreshments
Sessions: Various LEP Workshops will run from 10:30am - 5:00pm, but you are not required to stay for the whole day. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can anyone participate?

All students registered in an undergraduate program at Western University are welcome to participate in LEP.

How do I sign-up for a workshop?

Registration for LEP workshops is now available online! Click on the Registration button and sign-in via Western Connect to select the workshop you would like to attend. You will need your Western username and password to sign-in. You will find the LEP Workshops listed under the "Leadership" tab. You can view the workshops offered in calendar view or list view.

Are the workshops lecture-based?

No, LEP Facilitators are trained in presenting interactive workshops. Participants should come to each workshop expecting to contribute to discussions and take part in activities.

Do I have to do the workshops in a specific order?

There are some key components:

  • It is recommended, though not required, to complete tier one prior to tier two.
  • At least one tier must be completed before beginning tier three 
  • In tier one, "What is Leadership" must be taken before all other workshops. The other tier one workshops can be taken in any order.
  • In tier two, the "LEP Capstone" must be taken as the last workshop before tier two is completed, but prior tier two workshops can be taken in any order.

Can I take more than the required workshops?

Yes, students can participate in as many workshops as they like. However, only the required number of workshops will count towards the Letter of Accomplishment.

What if I can't make it for the workshop I signed up for?

Students who are no longer able to attend a workshop after registering must cancel their registration. To de-register, sign in to the Registration page. Failure to do so on 2 separate occasions may result in your removal from the Leadership Education Program for the duration of the current academic year.

Do I have to pay to attend the workshops?

No, the Leadership Education Program is a free program offered to Western students.

How long do I have to complete a tier?

Students can complete workshops within a tier at their own pace as long as it is completed before the end of their degree.

I've attended a workshop but it is not listed as "Complete" when I sign-in. What do I need to do?

Once a student has attended a particular workshop, we will upload the attendance to Western Connect within 5 business days. If after 5 business days, you still are not marked as attended, you can follow up with us by emailing lep@uwo.ca.

I've volunteered in a few different places over the year that probably adds up to 20 hours. Can I use this towards the volunteering requirement for Tier 3?

The minimum 20 volunteer hours for completion of Tier Three should come from the one area outlined in the submitted Service Learning action plan. The LEP team must approve the action plan before the credited volunteer hours can begin.

When do I get my letter of Accomplishment?

Letters of Accomplishment for first term will be available by January. Letters of Accomplishment for second term will be available at the beginning of the summer. All Letters of Accomplishment will be available ONLINE, via Connect. Students will receive an email with downloading instructions when the letters have been uploaded to Western Connect.

Do I get a University credit, academic or otherwise from Western?

Participation in the Leadership Education Program is a valuable demonstration of your initiative to develop leadership skills for University and beyond! We encourage students to use Western's Co-Curricular Record (WCCR) to add their LEP accomplishments to their portfolio. Note: Students must complete an entire tier in order to add LEP to their WCCR activities. WCCR credit will not be given for participation in individual workshops.

What happens if my workshop of interest is currently full?

You can check periodically to see if spots for that workshop (and others) have opened. It is also important to note that each term, a new schedule for LEP is produced. You can also show up to a "full" workshop and ask the faciltator if they feel there is enough room for you to participate. The facilitator may allow you to stay for the workshop if there is extra space. If there is enough space for you to stay, you must ensure that you add your name to the Attendance Sheet. You must be added to the bottom of the attendance sheet (and print clearly) in order to receive credit for attending the workshop.

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