Campus Leadership Directory

In addition to the leadership opportunities offered by the Transition, Leadership & Enrichment team, Western also has plenty of other opportunities around campus. From the University Students' Council, faculty councils, and residence councils to Student Health Services and the Recreation Centre, Western likely has a leadership opportunity that aligns with your interests.

University Students’ Council (USC)

The University Students’ Council offers a variety of opportunities, including:

  • Councilors (voting member of council)
  • Commissioners (non-voting members responsible for a specific portfolio)
  • Coordinators (non-voting members responsible for a specific portfolio)
  • Clubs

Faculty Councils

Residence Life

Are you living in residence? If so, there are multiple leadership opportunities offered by the Residence Life team.

If you're living off-campus but still want to be involved, you can become an Off-Campus Advisor to work with off-campus students in the community, and promote issues that are important to them while helping with events, outreach, and activities.

Residence Councils

Affiliated University College Councils

Wellness & Well-being

Sport & Recreation

International and Exchange Student Centre