Campus Leadership Directory

In addition to the leadership opportunities offered by the Transition, Leadership & Enrichment team, Western also has plenty of other opportunities around campus. From the University Students' Council, faculty councils, and residence councils to Student Health & Wellness Services and the Recreation Centre, Western likely has a leadership opportunity that aligns with your interests.

University Students’ Council (USC)

The University Students’ Council offers a variety of opportunities, including:

  • Councilors (voting member of council)
  • Commissioners (non-voting members responsible for a specific portfolio)
  • Coordinators (non-voting members responsible for a specific portfolio)
  • Clubs

Faculty Councils

Residence Life

Are you living in residence? If so, there are multiple leadership opportunities offered by the Residence Life team.

If you're living off-campus but still want to be involved, you can become an Off-Campus Advisor to work with off-campus students in the community, and promote issues that are important to them while helping with events, outreach, and activities.

Residence Councils

Affiliated University College Councils

Wellness & Well-being

Sport & Recreation

International and Exchange Student Centre