School Within a University

The School Within A University (SWAU) program is a partnership between the Thames Valley District School Board (TVDSB) and Western University in London, Ontario. SWAU allows secondary students the opportunity to experience the university environment and earn credits at the secondary school and the university level.

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Who is the SWAU program for?

School Within A University assists secondary students in the completion of their Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) and successful transition to university or other post-secondary programs.

SWAU is for students experiencing exceptional change or challenges, who are at risk of discontinuing their secondary education and compromising potential post-secondary pathways.

What does it provide for students?

SWAU students are considered full-time secondary students through Thames Valley Alternative Secondary School, as well as part-time students through Western University. As a result, students have access to the services of Western University while they are registered for their Western course, including the library system, Student Recreation Centre, teams, clubs, intramurals, health care and support programs through the department of Academic Support & Engagement.

Students have a choice of a wide variety of courses, both at the secondary and post-secondary level. Course selection for secondary school will be completed with the SWAU staff, and the selection of the Western course will be assisted by the staff within the department of Academic Support & Engagement.

The SWAU program provides each student accepted into the program with any textbooks and supplies needed for both the secondary school and university components of the program, computer access for online courses, and resources for both the secondary and university courses. In some cases, students are expected to return the textbook or other resources such as a laptop at the end of the term. Transportation to SWAU is provided through busing or parking passes.

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