Society of Off-Campus Students (SOCS)

Student Leaders (Sophs) in the Society of Off-Campus Students (SOCS) not only get to experience the fast-paced and hyped-up excitement of Orientation Week, but are also committed to helping first year students throughout the year-long Western experience.

SOCS provides an inclusive and welcoming community for first-year students living off-campus by offering increased accessibility to resources, events and activities throughout the year. The Off-Campus Soph Team is a group made up of highly motivated individuals that encourage the academic and social success of all off-campus, first-year students. While working toward those goals, student leaders can have the time of their lives along the way.

About the Program

The Society of Off-Campus Students is a university-run group led by upper year students, designed to help you make connections with other first-year students, have a student mentor, learn about the services at Western, and build lasting friendships.

SOCS Leaders/OC Sophs are high caliber student leaders representing all faculties who are carefully selected and extensively trained. For all SOCS Leaders, the first-year experience is still a fresh memory, and they are sensitive to the challenges faced by first-year students.

SOCS Leaders (Off-Campus Sophs) are committed to:

  • Ensuring that all first year students are welcomed to Western in a positive and healthy manner.
  • Meeting the needs of first-year, off-campus students by maintaining regular contact with first-year students via phone and email.
  • Providing information about resources on and off-campus.
  • Providing a support network for first-year, off-campus students in areas related to academic, social and personal development.
  • Being a friendly resource for those first-year students that chose not to live in the residences on campus.
  • Giving off-campus students the same opportunities and support systems as on-campus students.

How will involvement in SOCS improve your transition to university?

You will:

  • Be welcomed to the Western community with orientation activities.
  • Have opportunities to meet other students and make new friends.
  • Go to off-campus events and residence-matching events to provide you with the social and academic opportunities that students living in residence have.
  • Be paired with an upper –year student volunteer who will address your questions and concerns.
  • Be contacted throughout the year with important announcements and updates.
  • Be connected with resources and information available on and off campus.
  • Have enhanced connection to your faculty of study