Society of Off-Campus Students (SOCS)

Welcome to the Western community, and welcome to the Off-Campus family! 

What is Off-Campus you ask? The Society of Off-Campus Students (SOCS) is a group of enthusiastic upper year students and you! OC is known on campus as One Big Family and we are excited for you to join us. If I could offer you some advice, I would say get involved, keep an open mind and show up ready to make new friends!

For more information, connect with us on Facebook in our official 2020-2021 group by clicking here or by sending us an email at

Expect more updates throughout the year at our Off Campus OWL page. All incoming Off Campus students will be populated into the OC OWL page near the end of August. If you find you cannot access it, please email us and you will be added. The portal will be home to a number of resources and opportunities to connect with other students throughout the year.



Orientation Week and Sophs 

O-Week will feature incredible opportunities to meet people and get involved in the campus community. There really is something for everyone, and your Off-Campus Sophs will be with you every step of the way! Each first year student is paired with an Orientation Leader (aka Soph) to assist with your transition into Western by providing you with academic and social support! Whether you're joining us in person, or digitally from across the globe, we'll make sure you're paired up with student leaders and have an opportunity to be a part of all of the excitement.

When exactly your week will kick off depends based on your faculty, as each group will have a different Off-Campus Registration Day and time. Be sure to check this space, and your UWO email for details as we get closer to September.

Most students will participate in the registration and kick off between Saturday September 5 and Monday September 7.

If you have any questions about registration day please email us or visit for more orientation information! Expect an email to your UWO email account, and a phone call from your soph in late August with more specific details.


O-Week may be over, but the fun continues!

The Society of Off-Campus Students (SOCS) is committed to making you feel at home here at Western. We have a whole year of academic and social events planned for you! You can get involved by joining us at one of our in person or digital events, helping us plan programming by applying to be on the Board of First Years (BOFY), or helping out with some of the charity work we do in the community.

Your Off-Campus Sophs will remain in contact with you throughout the year. They are here to connect you to any resources and make sure that you don’t miss out on anything. Follow us on Facebook at our official page for the most up to date events.