Program Benefits

Academic Benefits

While the primary benefit of enrolling in Scholar's Electives is the flexibility to achieve personal and unique academic goals, there are a number of other benefits associated with the program. This program has been created to help high-achieving students explore and enrich their university experience. 

  • Participation in the Scholar's Electives module, allowing students to explore research at the undergraduate level with a faculty mentor
  • Increased program flexibility may require more than 5 courses per year or may have some pre-requisite requirements waived with faculty permission)
  • Possibility to create unique theme areas like: Bioethics, International Relations, Social and Political Thought, etc.
  • The opportunity to take interdisciplinary courses within Scholar's Electives

Ancillary Benefits

  • Limited enrolment (50-75) allows students to connect individually and make lasting friendships
  • Chance to live on the Scholar's Electives Floor in residence
  • Connections Peer Mentorship Program connects first-years with other high-achieving students in the program through planned activities and events
  • Potential scholarship opportunities in upper years
  • Networking opportunities with faculty, staff, and leaders in the London community 

Exchange Opportunities

Exchange programs greatly enhance the experience of Scholar's Electives students, while at the same time allowing them to retain Western scholarships and receive full credit towards their Western degrees. There are approximately 50 programs offered through the Western exchange office. While most exchange opportunities are for third-year, it is important to start planning early; programs in Germany, France and Mexico require two years of language studies! Recent Scholar's Elective exchanges in Canada, England, Mexico, Scotland, Singapore, and the United States.

For more information on Exchanges, click here .

Community Service

Many Scholar's Electives students develop valuable skills as active members of the Western and London communities. The London area offers several ways to get involved, from non-profit agencies, to food banks and local shelters, to tutoring and mentoring programs. Western is also home to a number of organizations in which Scholar 's Electives students actively participate.