Connectors Peer Mentorship


Program Goal

Our mission is to foster the success of all Scholar’s Electives students throughout their undergraduate experience. The upper-year students (connectors) will provide first-year students (connectees) with academic, extracurricular, and social support to help ease the transition to university. Additional resources and learning opportunities will be available through the connectors program for students in all years of the Scholar’s Electives Program.                                                            

The Scholars Electives Students bring invaluable talent and inspire tangible change throughout Western and the greater community. We hope to aid in this journey.


  • Add another person, besides your RA and Faculty Soph, to your list of peer support figures
  • Share your concerns, questions, and experiences with a fellow Scholar's Elective student, just like you!
  • Have direct access to SE contacts
  • Construct new friendships with like-minded students

What's Involved?

Connectees can have a cup of coffee, explore campus or get an iconic Spoke bagel with their connectors during their first week at Western to help support their transition into university life. Throughout the year, connectors and connectees will be encouraged to participate in events and activities, which may include: 

  • Scholar's Kick-off: An event to commence the new academic year and introduce first-years to the greater Scholar’s Electives community.
  • Monthly Mentor: First-years will be connected with a new connector on a monthly basis starting in November. Their first connector will be assigned in the summer to help in their initial transition to life at Western.
  • Research Information Session: An opportunity for first years to learn more about the expectations of the scholar’s electives research course. Connectors from each faculty will be present to speak about their unique research and answer questions.
  • Networking Night: An event where Scholars students and notable Western graduates and faculty can connect and share experiences, fostering academic and professional growth.
  • Community Connections: Collectively, connectors and connectees will have the opportunity to work on a project to take action in their community. This will give connectees the chance to develop their relationship with their connector while supporting a cause they care about in the local London community.
  • Alumni Night: The Scholar’s Electives community is known for their exceptional alumni, including Rhodes scholars, medical and law school graduates, and business owners. An event will be hosted to hear about some notable alumni’s unique stories, hardships, and accomplishments since finishing their undergraduate studies.

Current Student Testimonials

“This program offered a unique opportunity to develop a lasting mentor-mentee relationship with upper year students. I learned more about the various extracurricular activities available at Western,  and more ways to take advantage of the many benefits that the Scholar’s program has to offer. As a connector in my second year, it has been a privilege extending support and warmth to first year students in the Scholar’s Electives program, by providing guidance related to the Scholar’s Electives program such as navigating the first year course and even finding a research supervisor.  In the coming years, I look forward to continue helping students transition to university, while also further developing my skills as a student leader through this program.” - Aditya Thakur

“Having gotten the opportunity to have not one but two incredible upper-year mentors who enthusiastically answered questions every step of the way along my first-year journey was invaluable. From preparing me on what to expect in first-year courses to research in upper years, they made the university transition much less stressful and the connections I made with them still live on. I am very grateful to have met them through the Connectors program.” - Tasnia Rahman

“Being involved with the Connectors program as first a connectee and then a connector has given me the opportunity to get to know many other Scholars' Electives students, both older and younger than myself! I've especially enjoyed the opportunity to become friends with my connectees and to provide them with one-on-one mentorship and support; I still talk to my first-ever connectee, who is now in her third year!” - Tristyn Snow