Graduate Student Life

Graduate Student Life supports our diverse and talented population of Western graduate students by providing one-on-one advising, hosting social and educational events, and helping to coordinate the many different services for graduate students from our partners across Student Experience. We also work with others across campus to improve the graduate student experience at Western; this includes the faculties, SGPS, and SOGS. 

We have consulted with graduate students over the past year to learn more about what you’re looking for in your graduate student experience. This collaboration has helped us to shape our programming and the future direction of Graduate Student Life. 

Some of the areas in which Western Graduate Students have expressed the most interest include preparing for career opportunities after graduation, establishing strong social relationships across disciplines, fostering strong relationships with supervisors, improving or maintaining their mental health, and achieving balance and well-being. With these areas of interest in mind, we develop graduate student programming year-round. 

Resources & Support

Below you will find a collection of resources available designed to support you in your graduate student journey. We encourage you to visit this site to stay up to date with our services and opportunities. 

Successful Online Learning

For helpful strategies to maximize your remote learning experience, the Office of Learning Development and Success provides several tips and guides. You can also connect with them directly to speak with a member of the Learning Development team.

Successful Online Learning

Time Management for Grad Students

One of the greatest challenges of graduate school is how to effectively manage your time. In addition to training and workshops coordinated through Graduate Student Life, Learning Development and Success has created tip sheets and workshops for our graduate students.

Time Management for Grad Students

Tips for Advisor Relationships 

The student-advisor relationship is crucial to a successful graduate student experience. Here are some tip sheets to improve your relationship with your advisor. Our colleagues in the Ombudsoffice have developed these tip sheets to assist graduate students in navigating these relationships.

Tips for Advisor Relationships

Exploring the Student-Supervisor relationship

Graduate Supervision Handbook 

For those looking to have a stronger understanding of the advisor-grad student relationship, The Graduate Supervision Handbook provides in-depth advice on roles and responsibilities, communications, learning styles, time management, and many other issues. 

Health & Wellness

Western graduate students can access medical services through Student Health Services and students have access to mental health support through our Mental Health Team.

Health & Wellness

Social Connection Support

Social connections both inside and outside your department are integral to a successful graduate student experience. Building a sense of community within our larger Western community enriches the graduate student experience. In addition, staying connected and involved while you’re working remotely away from campus is important to your well-being. Many groups on campus are dedicated to helping you to build your networks at Western. The following list provides a taste of what is offered, but new events are added every semester.

The Society of Graduate Students (SOGS)

The Society of Graduate Students serves as the student government for graduate students. In addition to financial and academic supports, they also provide opportunities to socialize with fellow graduate students. Visit the SOGS website for more information.

The Grad Club

The Grad Club, a not-for-profit subsidiary of SOGS, is a great spot to meet fellow graduate students, socialize, and grab a fantastic bite to eat between or after classes. Look forward to drinking from the “Goblet of Knowledge” upon graduation! 

GradCast Radio

Tune in weekly for the GradCast, the official radio show and podcast of the Society of Graduate Students at Western University

GradCast Radio

Academic and Learning Support

Writing Support Centre

The Writing Support Centre understands the challenges of writing at the graduate level. We offer grad students and postdocs free one-to-one sessions with a writing advisor, Online Writing Assistance, GradWRITE seminars, Writers’ Retreats, and online resources. We will review any academic or professional writing at any stage of the writing process.

Learning Development & Success

Our team of Learning Counsellors are available to help you build your learning skills for grad school and can book remote appointments via email.

Western Libraries Faculty and Graduate Support

Western Libraries

provides a broad range of supports and services to assist grad students with their academic work including support for research and publishing.

Professional Development

Careers and Experience

Careers and Experience provides resources to help build your resume, prepare for interviews, find internship opportunities, attend career workshops, and other tools to help launch your career. They help prepare graduate students for both scholarly and diverse career pathways.

Own Your Future

If you are interested in developing your professional self, Own Your Future (OYF) is an excellent program that creates career-ready graduates. An initiative of the School of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies, OYF is a leader in grad student professional development.


Mitacs Training provides advance degree graduates and Mitacs program participants with access to courses that supplement their education and research experience with skills that are in-demand from today’s workforce. 

Centre for Teaching and Learning 

Part of your graduate experience might involve teaching others. If so, the Centre for Teaching and Learning is here to support you in creating high quality student-centred learning experiences. They also provide a variety of support and training to meet the diverse needs of our graduate student learners. 

Health, Wellness, and Well-Being

Western Campus Recreation

Whether on campus or off campus, Western Campus Recreation provides a wide variety of activities and information to keep students healthy and engaged. 

Wellness and Wellbeing 

Student Experience is dedicated to supporting our students achieve wellbeing while studying at Western and offers a variety of services and training to support your overall wellness. 

Wellness and Wellbeing

Thriving Thursdays

Every Thursday at 11am Graduate Student Life hosts events with campus partners to discuss topics suggested by graduate students (e.g. procrastination, conflict resolution, career plans). Topics change weekly. To join us, please look for our weekly events on Connect.


GradLife Newsletter 

This monthly newsletter provides updates on events, services and stories about graduate students on campus. All graduate students are encouraged to subscribe. 


GRADUpdATE is a monthly e-newsletter produced by Learning Development and Success. It provides valuable information and strategies to help you succeed in graduate school.  

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Key Partners

The experiences of graduate students are unique and the supports provided by Student Experience and campus partners are designed to meet the needs of graduate students during their time at Western. Below you'll find a selection of virtual resources and contacts that we hope will help you find what you need.

The School of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies (SGPS)

Graduate studies and postdoctoral work is supported and governed by SGPS. For information on topics such as academics, admission, fees and funding, you can visit their website.

The Society of Graduate Students (SOGS)

SOGS is your graduate student advocacy organization and government at Western University. They offer a variety of supports, funding options, and engagement opportunities.

The International and Exchange Student Centre (IESC)

IESC is a department of Western International which offers a full range of programs and services to support international students during their stay at Western and also provides engagement opportunities for all Western students.

Western Libraries

Western Libraries is the academic commons of the University, providing the information resources, technology, experts, and spaces needed for graduate students to succeed.

Office of the Ombudsperson

If you need to talk to someone about a university-related problem or concern you're having, you can contact the Ombudspersons via email or phone.

Centre for Teaching and Learning (CTL)

CTL supports Western University instructors, including graduate student teaching assistants, in creating high-quality student-centred learning experiences through orientation, training, mentorship, research, and innovation opportunities.