Student Athlete Academic Mentorship Program

The Student Athlete Academic Mentorship Program (SAAMP) is a unique community of upper year student athletes who volunteer to assist new student athletes at Western in making connections with other mentees and mentors in the program, learn about academic support services at Western and build lasting friendships. The group provides both transitional and ongoing academic support for new student athletes attending Western University. This program is a partnership between Sports and Recreation Services, Mustang Athletic Student’s Council and the department of Academic Success & Engagement. All SAAMP Mentors are high-achieving, goal-oriented varsity athletes who want to give back to their community and who are sensitive to the academic and social challenges faced by first-year student athletes.

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You can now sign up for a Mentor for the 2019-2020 school year. First year student athletes who are interested in having a mentor must complete the SAAMP application form to be matched with a mentor. Efforts will be made to match mentees with mentors in their faculty, but on different varsity teams to allow for greater networks across the Western community to be established. Our mentors will host programming through the year which will include professor meet and greets, study sessions for common courses, and intent to register support. Your mentor will communicate with you weekly and share valuable resources to ensure a smooth transition academically into university.

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Having a mentor will allow student athletes the opportunity to:

  • Make connections and lasting relationships with their mentor and other mentees at social events and organized study sessions throughout the school year
  • Meet once/week with their mentor who will share with them valuable resources to ensure a smooth transition into university
  • Learn about the multitude of services and support offered at Western that will help them to succeed academically
  • Confidently and independently navigate their way – physically, emotionally, and academically – through their first year at Western.

We will begin matching mentees with mentors in mid-September after all varsity teams have been selected. A program kick-off will be held at the end of September.

SAAMP Mentors are committed to:

  • Creating an enriched academic experience
  • Maintaining regular contact with their mentees
  • Being a point-of-reference for Western resources and support services
  • Providing a support network for academic, social, and personal development
  • Encouraging and supporting students in making the most of the range of services and opportunities available on main campus, and in increasing their confidence and independence.

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