Collegiate Leadership Competition

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What is the Collegiate Leadership Competition (CLC)?

The Collegiate Leadership Competition (CLC) takes leadership learning out of the classroom and puts it into practice.

We know you learn by doing. That's why the CLC builds an arena for you to put your leadership skills into use.

Build a team and compete against other Mustangs as you apply your leadership skills to exciting problems and challenges.

Competitors will vie for gold at the Western Collegiate Leadership Competition in March 2023. From there, the top two teams will be selected to represent Western at the Canadian Invitational Scrimmage hosted by Laurier later that month.

The CLC is about more than just the competition, participants will have access to official CLC curriculum and workshops where they'll develop leadership skills in the run up to the competition.

Registration & Logistics

Registration is currently open and available while supplies last. The CLC is open to any undergraduate or graduate at Western and the Affiliated University Colleges. We recommend registering sooner, rather than lalter so your team has time to prepare and practice any related curriculum. After all, you probably wouldn't enter a marathon without adequate prep either! 

Register now!

Note: We recommend signing in to Western Connect before clicking the registration link.

Team Breakdown

  • Six student participants
    • Any undergraduate or graduate student at Western and the Affiliated University Colleges can join.

  • One student coach
    • The coach is a vital role. They help guide the team through the learning process building up to the competition. On competition day they’re on the sidelines, cheering, debriefing and helping their team reach their potential. But just like a sports coach, they can’t step onto the court – it’s up to the team to actually solve the CLC challenges.
    • Students that want to be a coach for their team must verify that they want that leadership position when they sign up. If your team doesn’t have a coach/captain that’s fine, we can help you find one - please note that in your sign up.

Students can sign up as a complete team or as an individual free agent (like intramurals).

Registration Fee

  • Team registration fee is $60/team
  • Free agents are $10/person
The registration fee covers the cost of event expenses, snacks, and transportation to the Canadian Invitational for winning teams.

Key Dates & Competition Information

Similar to a sports season, we want our competitors to continue improving their leadership fitness building up to the CLC. That’s why the CLC provides a curriculum that teaches important leadership concepts, some of which students may be assessed on during the competition.

Teams have the option of working through CLC curriculum on their own pace, or attending optional bi-weekly coaching workshops hosted by Western staff and student volunteers where they can meet other teams.

Important Dates

  • Tues. January 17 - Launch Party & Optional Curriculum Coaching Session
  • Tues. January 31 - Optional Curriculum Coaching Session
  • Wed. February 15 - Optional Curriculum Coaching Session *Note Wednesday to avoid Valentine's Day
  • Tues. February 28 - Optional Curriculum Coaching Session
  • Tues. February 28– Mandatory Pre-Competition Onboarding Meeting
  • Friday March 3 - Western Competition
  • March 18 - Laurier Canadian Invitational Scrimmage

Please note that competition dates are scheduled for a full day (exact times TBA), so plan accordingly. Teams are assessed based on both process and results. Only Western Champions and Runners Up will be selected to represent Western at the Canadian Invitational Scrimmage.

CLC Fun Facts and Benefits

  • To date, the Collegiate Leadership Competition has enrolled 110 institutions around the world, with 1393 students and 199 teams.
  • In 2022 Western had four teams compete in the international competition.
  • Team Watermelon Zest came in 18th place, Team LAMP finished 20th.
  • The CLC is a great way to gain leadership experience on campus that you can apply to everyday life, classes and your career.
  • This can be a great way to meet new people and make friends.